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Tree Surgery

Our tree care services cover all aspects of tree, hedge and stump work. We can perform work of all sizes and no job is too big or small for our experienced team.

We can work on anything from individual trees in private gardens to large scale site removal. You can always expect a clean and tidy professional service.

Services Provided:

The services we provide at Old Oak Tree Services & Landscapes are carried out by experienced professional tree surgeons. Our services include:

-   - Tree Maintenance
    - Crown Reduction, Thinning and Lifting
    - Tree Felling & Stump Removal
    - Dead Branch Removal
    - Wind Fallen Tree Removal
    - Ivory Removal

Our team are on hand to talk about any problems you may have, no matter how small.

We welcome all enquiries throughout London and Surrounding Counties.

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Tree Maintenance

Old Oak Tree Services & Landscapes have a team of fully trained and highly skilled tree surgeons providing services based on quality, professionalism and value for money, to both domestic and commercial clients in London and Surrounding Counties.
We also offer a wide range of tree surgery services.

Crown Reduction, Thinning and Lifting

Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches evenly throughout the tree to reduce the density of the tree. However, it does not change the overall size or shape of the tree.
Crown thinning is designed to reduce damage that could result from crown resistance to strong winds. This technique can be used to create more light and air throughout the tree.

Tree Felling

We are highly skilled tree surgeons with extensive tree felling experience, and have removed hundreds of trees from properties all over London and Surrounding Counties.

No matter the size or location, we can fell trees in tight and awkward situations and can navigation through tight spaces without causing damage to your property or surroundings.

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding is the removal of the tree stump after the tree has been felled.

This is when we remove the roots, so it is vital that this element of the removal process is properly delivered.

Whether for domestic or commercial stump removal we have the right equipment to remove any unwanted tree stumps on your land.